Final Plans Unveiled 12/3/14 (download here)

The City of Grand Rapids and Friends of GR Parks will be working with neighborhoods to help create and verify new concept designs for 8 local parks with design services from two local design firms, VIRIDIS and Progressive AE.  We will be posting key contacts, process updates, reports, and concept drawings so people can stay informed on the progress, key meeting dates, and decisions for the various parks below.

Upcoming Design Workshops and Public Concept Plan Reviews:

Roosevelt Park, October 18th – 11am-3pm – Park Lodge Building, 739 Van Raalte, SE

Cherry Park, October 20th – 6:30pm-9pm – ICCF, 920 Cherry SE

Highland Park, October 25th – 1pm-4pm – East Leonard Elementary School, 410 Barnett NE

Wilcox Park, October 27th – 6pm-8pm – Calvin Christian Reformed Church, 700 Ethel SE

Lincoln Park, November 1st – 11am-2pm – Sibley Elementary School, 943 Sibley NW

Westown Commons, November 1st – 1pm-3pm – The Other Way Ministries, 710 W Fulton

Fuller Park, November 6th – 6pm-8:15pm – Mayfair Christian Reformed Church, 1736 Lyon NE

Garfield Park, November 8th – 11am-2pm – Garfield Park Gym, 2111 Madison SE

Final plans will be unveiled to the general public on December 3, 2014. The Plan Review Open House, hosted by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, will be held in the Gerald R. Ford Academic Center gymnasium from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

At the end of this process, we expect:

1. A complete park concept plan identifying the Priority Planning Area, Opportunity Area, and Remaining Long-Term Area.

2. A scope definition of the Priority Planning Area within each park concept plan.

3. An Opinion of Probable Cost for the identified areas within each of the park concept plan and a total cost for full implementation.

4. An implementation schedule for work identified in the Priority Planning Area.