Urban Forest Project

We are on a mission to increase Grand Rapids’s urban forest (a.k.a. tree coverage in our city) – and YOU can help!

Whether it’s pruning, planting or advocating for trees, you can help maximize GR’s tree canopy so our community can experience the cultural, social, economic, public health, and environmental benefits of trees.

plant a tree

Use our handy Tree Toolkit to get started yourself – or attend a class or volunteer project!

become a neighborhood forester

Learn all things “trees” in our four Neighborhood Forester classes and get hands on experience.


Roll up your sleeves at a tree planting or pruning project throughout the year.



The 2011 Green Grand Rapids amendment to the City’s master plan established a 40% tree canopy goal in Grand Rapids. Recognizing the need to involve residents in expanding the urban tree canopy, the City of Grand Rapids and the Friends of Grand Rapids Parks launched the Urban Forest Project with core funding from the Grand Rapids Community Foundation.


current canopy cover for GR


acres possible planting area


Canopy cover goal (adopted by city)


approximate acres of land covered by trees in 2015

$2.64 m

annual ecosystem service benefits from trees


acres of land covered by trees needed to reach 40% canopy cover goal

Trees return $3.60 for every dollar the city spends by:

  • Intercepting stormwater
  • Conserving energy
  • Removing air pollutants
  • Reducing and storing CO2