Tree Giveaway

tree giveaway

Our 2020 Tree Giveaway was held on May 30, and was a great success! Stay tuned for information about our next event!

Each year, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks hosts a Tree Giveaway as part of the Mayor’s Greening Initiative, a collective effort of volunteers and neighbors to increase tree canopy throughout the city.

plant a tree on your own property!

Grand Rapids residents are invited to claim a free young tree to plant on private property through our Tree Giveaway.

We hope that by removing the barrier of cost, more of our neighbors will be able to plant and experience the many benefits that trees provide!

part of the urban forest project

In partnership with the City of Grand Rapids, Friends is on a mission to increase our city’s tree canopy to 40% (from its current 34%). This means that when the city is viewed from above, 40% will be covered by tree canopyFriends aims to maximize the number of trees planted each year through what we call the Urban Forest Project.

frequently asked questions

Yes, these trees are FREE for Grand Rapids residents thanks to our generous sponsors and donors!

Any resident of the city of Grand Rapids is eligible! 

Once it is shared, fill out our tree reservation form as completely as you can. The more information you provide regarding your planting site, the better our team can match you with a tree that will do well!

If we have questions about your site or need to discuss anything from your reservation, we will contact you via email (or phone, if you do not have email).

Our team will email you to confirm your tree species selection and time for you to pick up your tree (“drive-thru” social distancing style).

All tree pick-ups will be scheduled for Saturday, May 30 at Garfield Park. 

Once you complete a reservation form, our team will assign you an appointment time to pick up your tree. You will receive all information via the email address provided (or phone, if email is unavailable).

When you arrive at Garfield Park during your appointment time, a greeter will direct you to the loading area. Our team (wearing masks) will bring the tree to your car and help load it if necessary.

This year we will have: Eastern Redbud, Serviceberry, Dogwood, River Birch, Native Red Maple, and Red Oak.

All trees will be young, relatively light (40 pounds or lighter), and able to fit in the front seat of a car for transportation.

Why, yes we do! First, our trained forestry experts will review your reservation and guide you in selecting a tree that will be appropriate. We will also provide printed and digital materials to teach you about your tree species, planting best-practices, and tree care for the first two years. 

Check out a video from our Urban Forest Team, How to Plant a Tree!