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Expand your urban forest knowledge with these resources.

City of Grand Rapids Forestry
The headquarters for everything forestry-related that our city does.

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks
Check out all of our other events and park-related projects.

Alliance for Community Trees
A supporter of grassroots, citizen-based nonprofit organizations dedicated to urban andcommunity tree planting, care, conservation, and education.

Arbor Day Foundation
An organization that inspires people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees through a variety of programsincluding Tree City USA. Its website has a useful tree identification guide and a tree ID app for smartphones.

International Society of Arboriculture
This professional society fosters a greater awareness of the benefits of trees through research, technology, and education.

The Grove
The social network for sharing tree planting experiences and knowledge, with a goal of encouraging others tocreate thriving urban and community forests.

ReLeaf Michigan
A facilitator of local tree planting projects and educational presentations for community groups, it alsooffers an annual spring sale of bareroot trees and shrubs and promotes the Michigan Big Tree Hunt.

A helpful online resource for tree identification and other tree and forestry topics.

eLearn: Urban Forestry
eLearn provides a helpful crash-course in urban forestry created by the USDA Forest Service and other partners. While not very deep in subject matter, it covers a breadth of topics.

Dendrology at Virginia Tech
An online source for identification fact sheets on over 900 species of trees.


More details about Grand Rapids’ Urban Forest

2015 Grand Rapids Urban Forest Project Report Card 2015

2015 Urban Canopy Study2015Periodic assessments of Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) viewed from above provide a benchmark for managing and protecting this resource across public and private property.

Grand Rapids Urban Forest Plan2009A blueprint for the future of the city’s urban forest.

Annual Reports
Yearly summaries of each year’s progress toward the goals outlined in the Urban Forest Plan.

Grand Rapids Urban Forest Ecosystem Analysis2011An account of the city’s entire urban forest, including trees on public and private property.

Calculated Public Tree Values and Benefits for the City of Grand Rapids2010Current status of the city’s street trees.

Grand Rapids Urban Forest Ecological Services Assessment2008Shows canopy levels for various types of land use and neighborhoods. Explains environmental benefits.

Green Grand Rapids2011Includes urban forest recommendations ranging from the canopy goal to streets with high priority for greening.

EAB in Grand Rapids
An overview of the emerald ash borer’s effect on Grand Rapids and the city’s response to EAB.