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Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to get outside, spruce up the yard, and put some plants in the ground. Instead of running to the greenhouse to get your flowers this year, help support Friends of Grand Rapids Parks as we celebrate our 10th anniversary by ordering your spring flowers from our perennial plant sale. We have various perennials, vines, and woody shrubs available.Check out our full species list and place your order today! Plants will be available for pick up on Saturday, May 19th during our National Kids to Parks Day event. Stop by Garfield Park to celebrate a national day of outdoor play while picking up your new spring yard decor.

Learn more about the Garfield Park Kids to Parks day!

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  • Large, lacy flower clusters appear in early summer, good for pollinators, will produce a crop of small purple-black fruit in autumn. Grows 72”-96” tall and wide. Full to partial sun.
    Price: $18.00 Quantity:
  • Rose-pink, violet, or blue flower heads on red-purple stems with glossy dark green leaves in summer, Extremely strong stems, above average heat tolerance and great disease resistance, especially to powdery mildew. Grows 3-4 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide. Full to partial sun.
    Price: $18.00 Quantity:
  • An extremely hardy wisteria that will produce 8”-12” long cluster of lilac-blue flowers. Perfect for arbors, trellises, or fences. Climbs 15’-25’ up. Full sun.
    Price: $15.00 Quantity:
  • This shade loving perennial has powdery mildew resistant dark green foliage heavily mottled with silver. In late spring it produces clusters of raspberry-pink flowers. A great selection for adding brilliant color to shady gardens. Grows 10”-12” tall and 16”-24” wide. Partial sun to full shade. Can tolerate moist soils.
    Price: $12.00 Quantity:
  • Firm red berries in July and September. Mow all canes down to 2”-3” in the winter to save pruning and prevent diseases. Full sun.
    Price: $12.00 Quantity:
  • This shade loving grass will brighten up any shade garden with its bright golden foliage. The foliage is all gold and has an upright habit, but it will tend to take on a chartreuse tone when in deep shade. Grows 14” tall and 24” wide. Partial sun to full shade. Moist soil tolerant.
    Price: $12.00 Quantity:
  • Large leaves are dark green at the centers with a deep wide edge. Vigorous plants spread to 30”. Stalks of lilac flowers appear in early summer. Great for use as an accent and mass plantings in shady areas. Spreads 30” wide. Partial sun to full shade.
    Price: $8.00 Quantity:
  • An attractive variety with golden-yellow flowers on finely cut, ferny foliage. Compact, spreading habit is perfect for rock gardens on or in sunny perennial border plantings, good drought tolerance. Grows 12”-18” tall. Full sun, good for dry soil.
    Price: $7.00 Quantity:
  • Double red flowers with a spicy fragrance cover a math of attractive blue-grey foliage from mid-summer to fall. Remove old flowers to promote reblooming.Excellent addition to rock gardens and the front of perennial borders. Full sun.
    Price: $7.00 Quantity:
  • This dwarf cultivar grows about 12”-15” tall with attractive dark green foliage and deep purple-blue flower spikes that arise in late spring to summer, Flowers and foliage are very fragrant. Drought tolerant. 12”-15” tall. Full sun, dry soil tolerant.
    Price: $7.00 Quantity:
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