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The Friends of Grand Rapids Parks is an independent, citizen led, nonprofit enterprise founded in 2008, working closely with but separate from the city. Our mission is to identify specific park projects, mobilize people, and generate resources to protect, enhance, and expand the city's parks and public spaces.

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Cherry Park

  • 725 Cherry SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503  View Map
  • 1.05 acres
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Est. 1911

Classified as a Mini-Park; serves unique recreational needs of the city. Cherry Park was purchased by the city in 1911, at this time the land was fairly vacant. The community house, located next to the park, was constructed in 1928 and is still in use today by the community association. In 1950 the park went under major renovation with the addition of a playground, basketball court, and tennis court. The park includes a larger variety of trees, including Black Locust, Northern, Catalpa, Sugar Maple, Red Hickory, Weeping Cherry, Ash, Bradford Pear, and more. For its first 40 years, Cherry Park had few amenities other than a children’s play area. Major improvements in 1950 added a wading pool, new playground area, grass, refurbished tennis court and a basketball court.

Did you know that Cherry Park has its own song! “Cherry Park, Cherry Park, a sweet little place with a big big heart.” Cherry has been the center of the East Hill’s neighborhood social life. It is a gathering place for meetings, parties, kids activities, swimming lessons, tennis and basketball almost daily. This little park has the 4-P’s that make for great places: picnics and potlucks, poetry and politics.

park amenities

  • Basketball Court
  • Picnic Tables
  • Restrooms -Available on Limited Basis
  • Wading Pool -Closed
  • City Owned Parks & Public Spaces
  • Playground -Two, Toddler and More Advanced
  • Tennis Courts


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