Tree ID in Parks

Tree IDentification in Parks

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Tree Number 

FUN Fact 1

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FUN Fact 3


different color on front and back of leaves

long acorns

roots are very tolerant of a lot of stressors


tiny red flowers in the spring

bright red leaves in fall

red maples growing in a forest often have “bullseye” patterns in the bark


common in Michigan right after glaciers receded

tiny cones

very cold tolerant


has a cousin, the london planetree

thick, exfoliating bark with bright white branches at the top

fruit looks like fuzzy pompoms


mature trees have bark that looks “shaggy” or shredded

nust have a very thick husk

large compound leaves


member of the red oak family

has a narrow “waist” on the leaf

tiny acorns


Beautiful flowers in the spring

large, uniquely shaped leaves

grows very tall and very straight


fast growing

bark on young elms is spongy like corkboard

base of the leaf is asymmetrical


soft, light wood

buds are red in the fall and look like lobster claws

very thin bark that is prone to damage from deer


fruit looks like a small tennis ball

known for it’s beautiful, purplish wood

produces a chemical that prevents other trees from growing near it