Tree Planting Mini-Grant Application

about the mini-grant program:

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks is committed, in partnership with the City of Grand Rapids, to strive toward a 40% tree canopy goal. This means that when viewed from above, 40% of the city is covered by tree canopy.

Does this mean that 40% of the city footprint is trees?! Not quite – just one tree’s canopy can spread 40-80 feet wide and cover a large area!

The City of Grand Rapids’ tree canopy is currently about 34%. To reach our goal, we are relying on the support, partnership, and commitment of community members like you – people who want to see our city’s urban forest become more vibrant every day


frequently asked questions:

What projects are eligible?

Plantings that both involve community members in the process and provide public benefit by planting trees in frequently accessed areas. 

What criteria will be used to evaluate project proposals?

Projects are evaluated by their potential to involve a large portion of a neighborhood, the visibility of their impact on the urban forest, and the applying organization’s dedication to on-going tree maintenance.

Who is eligible to receive funding?

Any community group, school, non-profit, block-club, faith-based organization or other group representing members of a community in Grand Rapids!

We do not accept applications from individuals – you must have the support of at least 5 neighborhood residents. We highly encourage people to engage with their community to find partners that support the desired tree planting.

aside from funding, what is provided?

For each accepted project, the Friends of Grand Rapids Parks team obtains proper permitting and high-quality, location-appropriate trees. We also provide marketing materials and other resources, and remain available as advisors throughout the entire project timeline.

what is expected of groups chosen to receive funding?

For each accepted project, the proposing group is our main line of communication to the community! This means groups are responsible for scouting planting locations and recruiting volunteers (with the provided marketing materials).

Receiving a mini-grant also means that after the planting, the group is committed to watering the trees for two summers. We are still available to assist with any issues or questions during this time!

what is the timeline for the fall 2019 applications and plantings?

  • Applications for spring 2020 will be accepted until Wednesday, April. 15 **Any applications received after April 15, 2020 will be considered for fall 2020 instead.
  • Applications for fall 2020 will be accepted until Aug. 15, 2020 
  • Spring tree plantings will take place in May and June; fall tree plantings will take place in Sep. and Oct.
  • Evaluations will be complete and applicants will be contacted about their funding by May 1, 2020 for spring plantings or Sep. 1, 2020 for fall plantings.
  • Applications received after Aug. 15, 2020 will need to be resubmitted for 2021 mini-grants. 
  • Maintenance for our 2020 projects (including watering and mulching) will take place from Summer 2020 through Summer 2022, depending on planting date.

i’m in. How do i apply?

First – read our FAQs to ensure that your project aligns with our criteria, and that your organization can meet the requirements. If the answers are yes – YES! We are excited to hear from you.

Either electronically complete the form below or print, scan and email it to – use the subject “2020 Tree Planting Mini-Grant Application”!

Tree Planting Mini Grant Application

  • Neighborhood, Organization or Business Information

  • Proposed Tree Planting Location and Details

    In the fields below share your thoughts on where, when, and why you would like to partner with Friends of Grand Rapids Parks to plant trees in your community.
  • Address range or cross streets where trees will be planted. (i.e 100 - 200 Wealthy St SW or near the intersection of Burton St SE and Jefferson St SE)
  • Please share how you heard about this opportunity and why you are interested in planting trees.
  • Please enter a number from 10 to 25.
  • Newly planted trees must be watered for the first two summers they are planted.
    If you are unsure you can double check here: