Tree Planting Mini-Grant Applicaiton

We are so excited that you are interested in applying for a Tree Planting Mini-Grant through Friends of Grand Rapids Parks. Before we get to the application we want to share a little about the program.

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks is committed in partnership with the City of Grand Rapids to strive towards a 40% tree canopy goal, meaning that when you look at the city from above, 40% of the city is covered by tree canopy. Does this mean that 40% of the city footprint is trees? No. Because a tree’s canopy can spread 40-80 feet wide a single tree can easily cover a good chunk of a road, making that part of the road covered by the tree part of the canopy. 

The city of Grand Rapids is currently at around 34% tree canopy and we cannot get anywhere near our goal without the support, partnership, and commitment of community members like you who want to see our city’s urban forest become more vibrant every day. 


Some FAQ’s about our Mini-Grant Program:


What kind of Tree Plantings are eligible?

Any planting that involves community members in strengthening Grand Rapids’ tree canopy and provides public benefit through planting in right-of-ways or publically frequently private property is eligible. We’re especially excited about new and committed applicants who are dedicated to taking care of trees after they have been planted. 


What criteria will be used to evaluate project proposals?

We like projects which have the potential to involve a high portion of your community or neighborhood. The best projects will have a visible and lasting impact on the urban forest within your community.

Who is eligible to receive funding?

Any community group, school, non-profit, block-club, faith-based organization or other group representing members of a community in Grand Rapids.

If you are an individual you cannot apply solo, you must have the support of at least 5 neighborhood residents or an organization or group housed in your neighborhood. We highly encourage you to engage with the organizations in your community to find as many partners as you can to support your proposed tree planting

If I receive funding, what is provided by Friends of Grand Rapids Parks?

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks will work with you through the whole process from planning to outreach to planting to maintenance. We will ensure that the proposed planting locations have the proper permitting and will order high quality trees of the appropriate species for the location We will help provide marketing materials to engage the community and will be able to answer questions along the way. We will serve as a resource and advisor to make sure your project is a success. 


If I receive funding, what is expected of me, the applicant?

You and your group will be our main connection to your community, so you are expected to do outreach for volunteers and planting locations. You are also expected to recruit volunteers for the tree planting event. After the trees are planted you, and your community partners, will be expected to water the trees for the first two summers and to contact us if you have any issues or questions. 

When are applications evaluated and awarded?

Grant applications for the fall planting season will be accepted from now through Friday, August 16. Any applications received after August 16 will not be considered for fall planting season and will need to be resubmitted for the spring planting season when that application opens.  

You will know by the end of August if you have or have not received funding

Tree Plantings will take place between the end of September through October depending on the community and the Friends of Grand Rapids Parks schedule. 

Maintenance, including watering and mulching, will take place during the next two summers.


How do we apply?

If you are interested in applying and have a qualifying project fill out the form below either electronically or print off and email it to with the subject Fall 2019 Tree Planting Mini-Grant Application.  

Tree Planting Mini Grant Application

  • Neighborhood, Organization or Business Information

  • Proposed Tree Planting Location and Details

    In the fields below share your thoughts on where, when, and why you would like to partner with Friends of Grand Rapids Parks to plant trees in your community.
  • Please share how you heard about this opportunity and why are you are interested in a tree planting.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 25.
  • Newly planted trees must be watered for the first two summers they are planted.
    If you are unsure you can double check here: