Love Your Park

a virtual gathering
celebrating love of parks & trees

feb. 11, 2021 at 11 a.m.

Unrest characterized much of the past year, but play persisted. Amidst a pandemic. Among uncertainty. Parks were a constant that many of us turned to for refreshment, inspiration, and to play.

The City of Grand Rapids boasts 76 amazing and vibrant parks. Throughout the year, you show your love for these spaces by using the parks, volunteering at projects, attending events, and funding beautification and activation efforts.

Join us to dig into the beauty of parks and nature, share your “why”, and have a little fun!

2021 event speakers

Shannon Cohen
Shannon is a decorated difference-maker with a passion for seeing leaders thrive in every aspect of their lives. 

She is a mother, speaker, entrepreneur and host of the Tough Skin, Soft Heart podcast.

Lee Moyer
Lee is a husband and father of three who serves as a Scout Leader in Grand Rapids. His family raises chickens and are Bee Keepers!

His Scout troop thrives in the outdoors, and lives by an Outdoor Code. Not only do they love the outdoors, but they also respect all that it has to offer, and what it takes to preserve this wonderful gift we have called Nature. 

Do you

love your vibrant peaceful playful refreshing park?

the 2020 event

we gathered with friends for great conversation over breakfast at Frederick Meijer Gardens.

So many of you joined our family by making a donation, joining the monthly giving Friendship Club, and becoming volunteers.

thank you!