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Great new things at the Urban Forest Project

By: Lee Mueller For two and a half years I’ve had the pleasure to work with Friends of Grand Rapids Parks and all our wonderful volunteers to build a program… Read More

Are we close to our goal?

Flying over the City of Grand Rapids, you would observe an expansive forest. While our City contains many buildings, there are also numerous trees growing between our buildings that help… Read More

It’s fall. What should you be doing for your trees?

Apples, Cider, and Art-Prize signal that the Michigan summer is coming to a close. Trees are already lighting into their October glory of brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red…. Read More

What’s the status of East Hills’ trees?

In 2008 East Hills Council of Neighbors raised funds, secured a grant, and partnered with Bartlett Tree Experts to complete a tree inventory of their neighborhood’s public trees. This effort… Read More

Celebrate trees by drinking a beer

The Brewers Grove project started in 2013 when local brewers asked Friends of GR Parks (FGRP) how they could celebrate being named Beer City USA by give back to our… Read More

We love our Citizen Foresters

We love our Citizen Foresters. Not only have they become indispensable in leading some of the projects that we have completed, but they have also become invaluable resources within their… Read More

Celebrating a great tree

On July 9 at 10:30a, Mayor George Heartwell announced the 2014 Mayor’s Tree of the Year in the North Monroe Business District. The 37-inch American Elm was celebrated (and hugged)… Read More

Should we keep our trees?

Our community has set firm goals for tree canopy. Green Grand Rapids, the City’s Urban Forest Plan, Climate Resiliency Plan, and the Sustainability Plan all highlight the City’s 40% tree… Read More

Summer Tree Watering

Those of you who are gardeners may have lamented the weather and late frosts. But this cool, wet, long spring has been great for trees. Adequate moisture, an ease into… Read More

Introducing Friends’ Intern – Patrick

  Once again, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks has hired a summer intern. Patrick Shults will be assisting us with urban forest project programming, volunteer events, and assisting in other… Read More