Fall Tree Care Tips

As temperatures drop and there is less sunlight, young trees need different care to prepare for the winter months. Here are some tips from our Urban Forest Team:

Stop watering: As leaves turn brown and fall off, their photosynthesis production dwindles and the tree requires less water. Stopping your watering routine decreases the risk of drowning the roots.

Check your mulch berm: Make sure your mulch is not touching the trunk of the tree, and pull it back into the “doughnut” shape if it’s shifted over the summer.

Use fallen leaves as mulch: Shred those piles of dry leaves (lawnmowers can be great for this), and use them as mulch! This gives your tree an extra boost of nitrogen in the spring, and promotes above-ground growth.

Check branches: Remember that young trees should not be pruned – BUT you can check the health of older trees in your yard. Some trees should not be pruned until winter (such as oaks, to prevent Oak Wilt infection). Examine branches before the leaves fall off. If you find a dead branch, tie a bright ribbon or string on it – then you’ll know which branch to prune later!

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