how friends is keeping volunteers safe & healthy

The health of our community is of utmost importance. In the past few months of operating with the COVID-19 virus, Friends has developed several procedures to protect the safety of our volunteers, community and team while pursuing our mission.

At this time, Friends’ volunteer projects are limited to groups of 10. We also ask all volunteers to follow these safety protocols as recommended by the CDC: 

  1. Do not volunteer if sick or registering a temperature
  2. Only volunteer with your own household
  3. Maintain 6 feet of social distancing at all times
  4. Utilize the sanitized tools provided and do not share equipment with others
  5. Wear work gloves and masks 

To ensure the safest work environment as possible, the following will be provided for all volunteers: 

  • Face masks or coverings
  • Work gloves 
  • Hand sanitizer 

The community is also welcome to reserve the Friends Tool Trailer for use at park beautification projects they wish to organize! Friends’ commitment is to:

  • Arrive before the event to unlock the trailer
  • Distribute tools for volunteers
  • Lock the tool trailer during the event and unlock it afterward
  • Sanitized tools before returning them to the tool trailer 

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