Recap: Spring 2020 Tree Giveaway

This past Saturday we hosted our 2020 spring Tree Giveaway with Mayor Bliss and, wow, it was great!

Though originally envisioned a bit differently – gathering together at Garfield Park, coordinating with our Mayor’s Greening Initiative planting project – the 2020 social-distancing style event went great.

If you follow us on social media, you likely heard how quickly we received over 180 tree reservation requests. Using the information supplied, our knowledgeable Urban Forest Team was able to match the first 100 people with trees that will thrive on their properties!



Our 100 recipients were assigned a pick-up time to maintain social distancing guidelines, and the day went like clockwork!

If you received a tree, be sure to reference the tree information card and maintenance guidelines you were given. Also, check out our 5-minute Tree Planting Video here.

If you did not make it off the waitlist, no worries! We will keep your information safe and notify you when we host our next Tree Giveaway event. It was great to see so many people interested in growing our urban forest!

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