A Blossoming Corporate Volunteer Program

Corporate social responsibility is a term used often in the business world. For our friends at LaFleur Marketing, it’s more than a metric – it has been a key value since the company was founded.

Our friendship with LaFleur began through a corporate volunteer project and has flourished since. The company has become a go-to partner for volunteer projects, and sponsored our 2020 Love You Parks breakfast fundraiser. In 2019, the LaFleur team planted and pruned 15 trees with us! Read about their experience on the LaFleur blog.

The LaFleur Marketing team volunteers with Friends at Roosevelt Park

We talked with Community Engagement Manager Sarah LaFleur to get the scoop on their volunteer program – and we loved what we found.

The company organizes 1-2 volunteer projects per month, and makes sure to work with organizationsnominated by employees. If you’re not sure how to build your company’s program, Sarah says it’s okay to start small. In the beginning, about one percent of LaFleur’s staff time was donated to volunteering; in 2019, they logged 560 volunteer hours! 

Corporate social responsibility might look a little different these days with COVID-19, stay at home orders and social distancing. But there are creative ways to get involved even now: consider challenging your team to a litter clean-up project; connect with our volunteer coordinator to learn about assessing park condition to set Friends up for future projects.

This season will come to an end and we will be able to gather again. We look forward to creating meaningful experiences for you and your team to once again plug into the community we all miss and love so much.

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