Recap: Community feedback sessions for Garfield Park area trees

In preparation for the Mayor’s Greening Initiative, we co-hosted two Community Feedback sessions with the Garfield Park Neighborhood Association over the last month. What a great chance to hear from residents and discuss the tree planting possibilities!

If you have questions or would like to share ideas as we form the planting plan, send us a message! Email info@friendsofgrparks.org.

key takeaways:

  • It is important to residents that we consider maximizing insect and bird diversity when choosing tree species.
  • Residents are interested in exploring the practicality of fruit trees and Paw Paws.
  • The neighborhood association would like a key to identify marked trees within Garfield Park.
  • Need to consider the language barriers (not only Spanish).
  • Advised that we share MGI information with families through the schools (yes – so smart!).

frequently asked questions:

  • If the city right-of-way in front of my address has been identified to receive a tree, when will I know by? Mid-March
  • In what area will we be planting trees? Between Cottage Grove and Alger, and Division and Eastern (see photo below)
  • Why not plant only “native” Michigan trees? Many semi-native trees (from neighboring states) are climate forward and have a higher likelihood of reaching establishment, which brings environmental and and economic benefits (less chance of removing, replacing, and re-establishing another tree).

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