2020 Tree Guide

2020 mayor's greening initiative tree species guide

Since 2015, Friends has partnered with Mayor Rosalynn Bliss, the Grand Rapids City Forestry Department, and community members to plant trees through the Mayor’s Greening Initiative. Each year, we come together to plant hundreds of trees in one area.

In 2020, nearly 400 trees were planted along the streets of the Garfield Park neighborhood through this program.

If a new trees was added near your home by this program, you can learn about it here!

Step 1: find your address

Locate your address on our list of spaces that received a tree through the 2020 Mayor’s Greening Initiative. Once you find your address, follow that row all the way to the right to see what species was planted at that address.

Don’t see your address on the list? Email us! We will double check our records; but keep in mind that the tree in question may have been planted by the City or another contractor.

Step 2: get to know your tree species

Once you know what species was planted at the address in question, look it up in the Arbor Day Foundation’s handy Tree Guide!

You can find information about its water and sunlight preferences, growth rate and expected height, wildlife value, and photos of what the tree will look like as it grows.

Each site was evaluated by our Urban Forestry team and matched with a tree that will thrive there.

access to beautiful, healthy trees - for everyone

We believe that every resident of our city should have equal access to the benefits of a healthy and thriving tree canopy. This can be the reality for every GR neighborhood. 

Each of these new trees works to improve neighbors’ health and save money: trees reduce flood risks, reduce heating and cooling costs, remove air pollutants, and reduce and store CO2.


  • Our youth Green Team will water the tree with 10 gallons of water regularly during the next two summers.
  • We will prune your tree once it’s old enough (typically in the second year).
  • Questions or concerns? Our foresters are available to you! Contact us!

resources for you

  • The City accepts residential yard waste (fallen leaves and branches)! You can either drop it off at the Yard Waste Site for no charge, or have it picked up for a fee. Find more info here.

  • Get free wood chips for mulching! Available at the Yard Waste Site from April through December. Find their hours here.

  • We share seasonal tree care information and tips on our blog and via email (you can sign up for our newsletter to receive these!).