Buy it where you burn it: A reminder to not move firewood

Summer is here and that means camping and campfire season!

Campfires are one of my favorite part of summer. Whether it is cooking my new signature dish: cinnamon rolls in a pie iron or jamming to some classic tunes with friends, a backyard or camp fire on a Michigan summer night is the best.

When planning your camping, bonfires, and backyard get togethers this summer remember that where you get your firewood is very important in order to keep our forests safe.

Always remember to buy or gather your firewood where you are going to burn it too keep the trees around your fire site safe. Forest pests of all kinds like to hide in the perfect (or any) firewood but will vacate to nearby trees when their log gets thrown into the fire or when a wind picks up. Firewood moving is a huge source of pest migration.

Here are some resources about where you can move firewood and what the best practice is:


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