A Letter from FGRP Executive Director, Tracey Flower

Dear Friends,

We recently asked Grand Rapidians to share with us their favorite park story. The responses included memories about peaceful encounters with nature and wildlife in Huff Park, painting a community mural in Lincoln Park, and sunny fall afternoons rolling down leaf-covered hills in Mulick Park. One resident talked about her family picnics in Riverside Park in the wake of her father’s stroke. “It was obvious that it brought him great peace just sitting in his lawn chair enjoying the familiar park and it brought us all great peace also seeing him happy and relaxed during a very trying time for our family,” she wrote.

John Muir once said, “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” It is clear from these park stories that Grand Rapids’ City Parks do exactly that for you and your community.

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks exists to ensure that our City’s parks and green spaces are abundant and well-protected for our residents now, and for generations to come.

Won’t you please make a donation today to ensure we can continue that mission?


Your support—whether as a donor, a volunteer, a park and tree champion, or all of the above—has helped us reach many goals over the past year, including:

  • Planted 684 total trees—a new record for our organization!
  • Hosted 13 Citizen Forester classes and eight Parks Alive Leaders classes.
  • Congratulated 16 new Citizen Forester graduates and 8 new Parks Alive Leaders graduates.
  • Engaged 2,300 volunteers in plantings, park spruce ups, and more.
  • Assisted the City of Grand Rapids Parks & Recreation Department in engaging over 4,100 residents in their Strategic Master Plan public outreach efforts.

It’s people like you who make all of this possible, ultimately enhancing both the City’s natural environment and the quality of life for your fellow Grand Rapidians.


Our work is far from over. There are still areas of Grand Rapids lacking in park space and canopy cover. There are residents whose voices still need to be heard. And, as our City grows and continues to develop, the need to protect, enhance, and expand our public green space becomes more critical than ever. Which is why we need your continued support.

Will you help us continue to reach our goals by making a tax deductible donation to Friends of Grand Rapids Parks today? Your gift ensures your community will continue to have places to play in, to commune in, and to heal in for years to come. A donation of any amount is enough to make a difference in your community through Friends of Grand Rapids Parks.

Together we have made a difference in our community. Together we can do even more. Please don’t wait. We need your support today.

Warm regards,

Tracey Flower
Executive Director                                                 


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