Join FGRP for our biggest tree planting yet!

As fall sweeps through Michigan it’s almost impossible to ignore our state’s great trees. The crisp air, apple cider, and cozy evenings pale in comparison to the beauty of our fall leaves. Grand Rapids is lucky to have so many tree-lined streets and parks lighting up with golden fall colors. Some streets, however, aren’t so lucky. There are streets in Grand Rapids that are grey and somber because there aren’t any trees to help celebrate fall and add color. Here at Friends, we want every street to have the right number of trees, and we want Grand Rapidians to travel to every corner of the city and notice the canopy above.

In order to reach this goal, we need to plant more trees and we are grateful for our City leaders because they agree. With this in mind, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks and the Urban Forest Project partnered with Mayor Bliss to create the Mayor’s Greening Initiative. The Initiative will add trees to low canopy areas in the city by bringing together forestry experts, city leaders, funders, and volunteers for large-scale tree plantings.

The first tree planting under the new Initiative will take place on October 28th, and will honor Richard and Helen DeVos. For those of you who have volunteered at our tree plantings before, you can imagine our excitement to plant 300 trees downtown in one day! For anyone out there who hasn’t planted a tree with FGRP before, this is your chance!

Tree plantings have a great energy as people from all over gather together to green up our city. It’s an opportunity to celebrate fall by adding to our canopy and it’s a chance to get outside before the snow finds us. You will work hard and feel fulfilled because you added something important and long term to our city landscape. You will feel good!

We invite you to join us for our biggest tree planting yet and help us add trees to low canopy areas. We’ll provide the tools, training, transportation, and coffee; all we need is you! Anyone over the age of eighteen is welcome to join us. Don’t miss the chance to do some good, get outside, and celebrate this wonderful fall season! Let’s Green Up GR!

Register here or email Rachel to learn more about the event!




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