Citizen Forester: July Update

This post is intended to give Citizen Foresters, Citizen Forester trainees, and those interested in becoming a Citizen Forester updates for the month of July!

Month in Review

The Urban Forest Project had a very busy June! We honored the Mayors Tree of the Year, released the 2015 Urban Forest Project Report Card, kicked off our 2016 After Work Tree Time (AWTT) season and maintained trees at two BBQ & Beautify Events.

After Work Tree Times kicked off on June 22nd in East Hills where we pruned trees on Cherry St. and Eastern Ave. in an area that receives high amounts of pedestrian traffic to ensure that trees are not hazards and that they lead a long and productive life. Special recognition and congratulations to Jessa and Nick who completed their Citizen Forester training and became Certified Citizen Foresters during our 2016 After Work Tree Time kickoff!

We pruned trees again at Ken-O-Sha Park on June 28th. New recruits, alongside Citizen Forester Tom, removed hazard limbs from playground areas, creating a safer place to play for the kidos. Special thank you to Citizen Forester Heather for being a FGRP lead volunteer and tending the grill during the Ken-O-Sha BBQ & Beautify!


About After Work Tree Times (AWTT)

We prune trees to help them stay healthier, so that they need less care and have fewer problems as they mature. This is done by removing weak, dead, insect or disease infected limbs, suckers, mechanically damaged limbs, and rubbing or crossover branches. We prune trees to decrease the risk for limb drops and tree falls, which endanger people, cars and property. We prune trees to increase public knowledge of street trees as a resource, and to foster a deeper sense of public ownership and public appreciation of the trees residing in our community.

The Urban Forest Project will host a total of 10 AWTT this season! Join us at our next AWTT, next Wednesday July 6th! We’ll meet up at Fuller Park, 300 Fuller Ave NE around 5PM and start pruning around 5:15PM once everyone has a tool in hand! You’re welcome to show up late or leave early; work as much as you want. Every bit helps. We’ll wrap up around 7pm and head down the street to Flat Landers for a little social hour!

Watering Alert

You have probably noticed.. it’s been dry and hot! Trees in Michigan depend on a wet spring to sustain dry periods in the summer. However, this year, we have had very little rain. This makes us very sad because it puts the trees that we’ve planted in the last 18 months at risk of not forming proper root systems and being attacked by disease.

Our city’s trees are thirsty! Water the young trees you see in your neighborhoods and yards and check gator bags. When watering a tree, think low and slow to make sure water soaks into the ground. Water at ground level to avoid losing water to evaporation. The goal is to get the water to the roots which are inches below the ground. Don’t forget to limit your water times before 7:00 a.m. and after 7:00 p.m

As always, thank you for believing in the problem-solving role that trees can play and thank you for taking action with the Urban Forest Project. We hope you had a safe and enjoyable Fourth Of July holiday!

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