Time to nominate Grand Rapids’ next Mayors Tree of the Year!

If you’ve ever taken a Citizen Forester class with the Urban Forest Project, you probably already know that we open up class asking each participant to “tell us a crazy tree story or name your favorite tree.” Going around the room we have heard stories about a maple tree that someone climbed so high that the fire department was called to help them get down, a Scotch pine that has been home to a bird’s nest for over 10 years, a childhood oak with a tire swing hanging in the front yard that was a favorite pastime for a brother and sister, and a catalpa tree a man carefully grew from seed that now blossoms in his own yard. Who knew trees had so many great stories to tell? We’ve heard a lot, but we haven’t heard them all… just yet.

Have you ever stumbled upon a giant tree in Grand Rapids? How about that tree you’ve known your whole life and still marvel at? We’re asking the public to nominate their favorite tree within the City that could be crowned the next Mayor’s Tree of the Year!

The trees we encounter daily, although some no taller than 10 to 20 feet, may be decades old.  They are green legacies that we have inherited throughout our city- each with their own story. The Mayors Tree of Year campaign is about getting to know and appreciate these trees, looking into their branches, seeing and feeling their leaves, their bark, the land they live on, and the wildlife that call their branches home. As we begin to recognize the trees surrounding our homes, schools, parks and places of work we are naturally inclined to appreciate and protect them. Protecting our City’s trees is one of the greatest responsibilities of the Urban Forest Project, when we recognize that trees are essential to clean air, water, soil, and life as we know it.

Campaigns like Mayors Tree of the Year really do matter because they inspire people to take a closer look at trees and think about their importance to our City’s and resident’s lives. The Urban Forest Project recognizes the need to advocate about the importance of trees to our community, as well as celebrate trees and facilitate people visiting them throughout our whole community.

Anyone can nominate a tree in Grand Rapids for the 2016 Mayors Tree of Year. All you have to do is send us a facebook message or email at info@friendsofgrparks.org with 1) the tree location or address 2) the reason behind your nomination and 3) a photo of the tree or include the tree species.





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