MSU has oldest continuous forestry club in the country


MSU may have the oldest Forestry Club in the country, dating back to 1902, but the club remains unknown to many due to the nature of their work.

Founded by George C. Morbeck in 1902, MSU’s Forestry Club is considered to be the nation’s oldest continuous forestry club, according to the MSU Forestry Club’s Facebook page.

Although there is not much history documented, Ryan Zimmerman, current president of the forestry club, said the mission of the club has not changed much since its creation.

“Our forestry club focuses on professional development,” Zimmerman said. “We attend conferences to experience all parts of forestry — we also volunteer in exotic species removal.”

Katie Mercer, a forestry sophomore, said she has benefited tremendously from being a part of the forestry club.

 “Being surrounded by people who have the same passion is the biggest help I’ve had with learning in my classes,” Mercer said. “The Forestry Club is like a family.”

The Forestry Club participates in Timber Sport Competition which includes hardsaw, traverse coordinates (mapping), and free identification (identifying trees).

One of the largest events that the Forestry Club sponsors is their annual maple syrup sale.

Zimmerman said, the entire club is instrumental in every process that is included in making their 100 percent natural maple syrup. The Maple syrup is sold in the Natural Resources Building in the Forest Department Office.

Trevor Kubitskey, forestry senior, comments on the maple syrup process.

“Every spring, we make our own maple syrup. We do everything including tapping trees, boiling it down, and bottling it,” said Kubitskey. “It is a lost art and it is really good to have a sense of how to do it.”

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