Big Tree Hunt

The 2014-2015 Big Tree Hunt is underway!

About the Contest:

ReLeaf Michigan created the Michigan Big Tree Hunt contest in 1993.  Before the contest, Paul Thompson, a brilliant botanist, searched for Michigan’s big trees and kept records since the early forties.  Today, we encourage Big Tree Hunting among all age groups to assist tree experts with tracking these vital historical living landmarks.

We will forward the winning entries to the State Coordinator of the Michigan Big Tree Program, who will review them for possible inclusion in the State Champion Tree List.  These champions with review of additional critieria are considered for the National Register of Big Trees issued every two years by American Forests.  This year, Michigan has 19 registered National Champions.  

We’re looking for the biggest trees in each county so send in your entries even if you see a bigger tree of that species on the state’s list.  After all, trees die and are cut down so we need to track as many big trees as we can.  Flex your Michigan pride by helping us highlight our beautiful trees!

Who Should Participate?

Anyone can! The Michigan Big Tree Hunt is a great activity for families, groups of friends, fun dates, or solo adventurers.  By identifying big trees you can take part in a statewide effort to track these living landmarks. You could find the largest tree in your county or even the state! The biggest trees are nominated for the State Champion Tree List and possibly entered into the official National Register of Big Trees.

Contest Details:

Win prizes! ReLeaf Michigan’s Big Tree Hunt committee will review all submissions.  Winners will be announced at a special ceremony this autumn where certificates and prizes are awarded.

Certificates and Prizes are awarded for:

  • Largest Tree of any species submitted by a Big Tree Hunter 16 years of age or older
  • Largest Tree of any species submitted by a Big Tree Hunter 15 years old and under
  • Largest White Pine (Michigan’s State Tree), any age
  • Largest Tree of any species for each county
  • Largest Tree (any species) that is larger than the current registered Michigan State Champion



  • Tree must be living and accessible for verification
  • Tree trunk circumference is measured at 4 ½ feet above ground (see image above)
  • Include tree species if possible
  • All entries must be postmarked by August 1, 2015. Click here to download the entry form.


Got questions?

If you need more information contact us at 1-800-642-7353 or info@releafmichigan.org




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