Fall 2014 Park Planning Begins

The City of Grand Rapids and Friends of GR Parks will be working with neighborhoods to help create and verify new concept designs for eight local parks with design services from two local design firms, VIRIDIS and Progressive AE.  We will be posting key contacts, process updates, reports, and concept drawings so people can stay informed on the progress, key meeting dates, and decisions for the various parks below.

Cherry Park

Fuller Park

Garfield Park

Highland Park

Lincoln Park

Roosevelt Park

Westown Commons

Wilcox Park

At the end of this process, we expect:

1. A complete park concept plan identifying the Priority Planning Area (near term investment), Opportunity Area (mid-term investment), and Remaining Long-Term Area.

2. A scope definition of the Priority Planning Area within each park concept plan.

3. An Opinion of Probable Cost for the identified areas within each of the park concept plan and a total cost for full implementation.

4. An implementation schedule for work identified in the Priority Planning Area.

With the help of neighborhood associations, key residents that have been actively engaged in their parks, and local organizations we have established Neighborhood Planning Teams that will help as local steering committees for each park concept design over the next 3 months.  Larger community input sessions will be scheduled in late October and early November to gather additional input and opinions to inform the final concept plans.

You can contact steve.faber@friendsofgrparks.org for additional information and opportunities to be involved.

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