How to nominate mayor’s tree of the year

Once again, the Friends of Grand Rapids Parks and City of Grand Rapids will be seeking nominations for Mayor’s Tree of the Year. This is an amazing opportunity to tell the rest of Grand Rapids why a tree in your community is so awesome.

If you have a tree that you would like to nominate, you’ll first need an account on the Grand Rapids tree map. Check to see if your tree is already mapped. If it is not, go ahead and map it. Here’s some information on how to map a tree.

Once the tree is mapped, navigate to the “view details” page of that tree. It looks like this. At the bottom of the page is a comments section. Provide a comment stating “I nominate this tree for Mayor’s Tree of the Year 2014.” You can also provide a reason that you think this tree should be nominated.

Nominations will be accepted for the entire month of May. The City’s Urban Forestry Committee will select a nomination for Mayor’s Tree of the Year at their June 12th meeting.

This year, whomever nominates the winning tree will receive a $150 Merrell gift card and be invited to participate in the Mayor’s Tree of the Year ceremony that has yet to be scheduled.

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks has made a nifty video to help you figure out how to nominate a tree.

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