Partners in Community Forestry – 2013

In early November I had the opportunity to attend the Partners in Community Forestry Conference in Pittsburgh. This conference brings together organizations representing City Foresters, tree non-profits, utility arborists, and state and federal foresters for week-long educational sessions, tours, and networking opportunities.

Each year, this conference provides innumerable opportunities for non-profits to get together, discuss their programs, and share ideas. While our program in Grand Rapids is still relatively new, I had the opportunity to discuss the successes of our Brewers Grove Project with non-profits from across the country.


Various organizations from San Francisco, Portland, and Pittsburgh shared their innovative methods of engaging the community. Portland uses volunteers to deliver “report cards” to owners of newly planted trees. These report cards help encourage landowners to provide critical early care for these trees. Do you feel this would be a valuable tool in Grand Rapids?

The conference has an emphasis on partnerships. This year, Davey Tree Company, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, and Tree Pittsburgh demonstrated their creative partnership that developed Pittsburgh’s Urban Forest Master Plan. This unique plan sets a series of realistic, but progressive goals for increasing canopy and involving the public in Pittsburgh’s trees. Are there urban forest issues or goals that we should be thinking about for the next 5 to 10 years?

These conferences always leave me energized and flowing with ideas. I’m excited to continue the work we’ve begun over the last few years. If you have suggestions for engaging the community moving forward, please drop us a line.

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