Thank You to the Community Foundation

The Friends of Grand Rapids Parks has secured close $200,000 in core funding for the Urban Forest Project for 2014 and 2016. This on-going investment confirms the commitment of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, and the City of Grand Rapids to expanding tree canopy throughout the City.

The Urban Forest Project is an initiative of the Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, in partnership with the City of Grand Rapids with core program funding provided by the Grand Rapids Community Foundation. The Urban Forest Project seeks to engage the entire community in growing a larger, healthier, urban forest.

Officially launched in the Summer of 2012, the Urban Forest Project has quickly grown to become a venue for citizens to engage directly with their neighborhood trees. Programmatic offerings like the Citizen Forester Program, Community Tree Plantings, Mini-Grants, and the Grand Rapids Tree Map have become recognized by the community for helping us to understand the benefit of trees to our City.

In 2013 alone, the Urban Forest Project has trained 15 Citizen Foresters, supported over 11 neighborhood-based tree projects, planted 479 trees with volunteers, recruited nearly 1,200 program participants, and contributed nearly 3,500 hours of volunteer work to our City’s trees.

The funding provided by the Community Foundation, will help the Friends of Grand Rapids Parks expand current program offerings that seek to foster positive, informed perceptions about the role of trees within Grand Rapids, develop greater community capacity to grow and maintain the urban forest, strengthen government and philanthropic support for local forestry initiatives, and involve a greater cross section of community members and organizations in urban forest issues.

Do your part, and donate to contribute to the success of this program.

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