Water Those Trees

It is time to water those trees. This year, we have been blessed with a relatively cool, moist summer. The trees have been happy. Unfortunately, August has brought us a concerning spell of hot, dry, weather.

If you have a recently planted tree on your property, in front of your house, or in a nearby park, it is wise to consider giving it a little extra water. Tree root systems will continue growing well into the fall. Whether this tree was planted by you, or the City, this is the time of year to give it a bit of a boost. Providing a boost of water during dry spells may be that small extra step that helps the tree thrive.

There is no specific recommendation for the amount of water to apply to a tree. Instead, stick your finger in the soil. Does it feel dry? Moist? If the soil feels dry, provide the tree with a deep soaking of water. Don’t drown it. Instead, leave the hose running at a trickle for a short time period to ensure the water soaks deeply into the root system.

If the soil is moist, check again in a few days. Over watering can be just as detrimental to a tree as under-watering. For additional tree-care recommendations, check out the Urban Forest Project Guides.

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