Citizen Forester Spotlight: Vince Lambert

Vince Lambert is originally from the sunny South Carolina. He comes to Grand Rapids by way of a Peace Corps stint in Moldova with his wife, Cailin (pictured). When he moved to Grand Rapids, FGRP immediately grabbed his attention.

“I had never heard of a ‘friends’ non-profit. Is that a Michigan thing?” he asked. In either case, Vince was interested in volunteering for City Parks, “so naturally the organization’s name caught my eye.”

“I was surrounded by beutiful trees growing up on our cattle farm on the coast of South Carolina.” said Vince. As a result of his experience with trees, Vince believes firmly in the “Great Law of the Iroquois that we should be thinking seven generations ahead.” Planting and caring for trees is one way to leave our City with a beneficial legacy for future generations.


Early on, Vince became one of FGRP’s most active Citizen Foresters. When asked what Vince enjoys most about the Citizen Forester Program, he joked that “momma always told me to take advantage of free schooling.” After a good laugh, he added that he enjoys “the free tree courses, learning more about city parks in general, and being able to work the land with other volunteers during tree plantings.”

This Spring, Vince began working with his East Hills neighbors to establish a community fruit tree orchard in Martin Luther King Park.  As a 100% community-developed event, Vince has done all the work to determine the location, generate volunteers, and publize the opportunity with his neighbors. The planting is slated for Saturday, October 12th at 10am and they will be dedicating the orchard to Martin Luther King Junior. To learn more about the project, visit his website.

You can take advantage of the Citizen Forester Program too. There’s several great classes coming up this fall.

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