Citizen Forester Spotlight: Graduates

Our Citizen Forester classes are growing more than we expected with participates and we couldn’t be happier! We are enjoying the level of advance registries we have received and also continue to encourage drop-ins for anyone that just hears about our offered courses.

This July we had seven of our Citizen Forester course participants complete all four of our required classes to become full pledged Citizen Foresters. At the Urban Forestry and Tree Advocacy workshop, held at the LINC building on July 24th,, we proudly presented our very first group of certified Citizen Foresters – Laura Casaletto, Denise Coykendaal, Dotti Clune, Ric Maycroft, Ben Oliver, and Amanda St. Amour. Congratulations!

These six outstanding individuals attended not only attended the four courses to become a Citizen Forester, but attended the additional workshops that have been offered during the year and continue to express interest in attending more. These are the well trained and educated advocates of the urban forest that illustrates the necessity of urban trees, their role in the community, and proper care and treatment of these valued urban assets. As Citizen Foresters, these individuals can confidently engage and educate the community on tree concerns as representatives of the Urban Forest Project. In addition to this, they are eligible to lead a variety of projects and access resources. Here is a big thank you to all of you who have fulfilled these requirements and for those that are actively working to become Citizen Foresters!

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