FGRP Citizen Forestry

Citizen Foresters are the backbone of many of our volunteer projects. You might have seen them leading plantings, helping with pruning, or organizing projects within your neighborhoods. In either case, the amount of amazing work happening throughout Grand Rapids would not be possible with these trained and dedicated volunteers.

Recently, FGRP’s Citizen Pruners had the chance to test some of their skills along State Street for Better Block: Re//State. Many of the trees on this stretch of road were in need of a great deal of care.CitizenForesterLaura

As the summer continues, we’ll be hosting additional Citizen Forestry classes. So far, we’ve had volunteers participate with Tree Planting 101, and Tree Pruning and Maintenance. Coming later this summer is Tree ID, I stand for trees: Tree Advocacy, and Basic Tree Problems.

If you have an interest in helping out with special FGRP tree projects, leading tree projects in your community, or helping with our various volunteer events, contact Lee Mueller (616 389 4687).

Next opportunity: Tree ID Workshop

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