Arbor Day Tree Planting

Driving by Riverside Park, you may see nearly 100 newly planted trees. On April 26th and 27th over 250 volunteers visited Riverside Park to help plant these trees to help restore Grand Rapids’ tree canopy. The “Reforest Riverside” event was part of the City of Grand Rapids and Friends of Grand Rapids Parks 2013 Arbor Day Celebrations.

Leading up to Arbor Day, the planting was met with a series of challenges. In mid-April, West Michigan received record levels of rain, which increased the amount of water in the Grand River and subsequently flooded Riverside Park. As a result, the planting was moved from its original location to it’s current position.

Over the last half decade, Emerald Ash Borer, and invasive species has been taking its toll on the City’s Ash trees. This has been very prominent in Riverside Park where large, majestic Ash trees have been slowly succumbing to EAB for years. Soon, the City will have to remove these trees. While the loss of these trees is tragic, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks is working with the City of Grand Rapids and volunteers to replace the lost canopy with newly planted trees.

Immediately, these trees will begin contributing to Grand Rapids by intercepting thousands of gallons of stormwater, producing oxygen, and providing countless shade and beauty for park users. The “Reforest Riverside” tree planting is just one of many small projects seeking to improve Grand Rapids’ tree canopy.

This project was funded in part by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and is administered by the United States Forest Service. Additional partners included the City of Grand Rapids, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Association of Grand Rapids Landscape Professionals, Quimby Walstrom and Bose Aspen Recycled Paper, and the Grand Rapids Community Foundation.

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