Did you know that October is National NeighborWoods Month?

Grand Rapids, MI (WZZM) – Did you know that October is National NeighborWoods Month?

Hundreds of events all over the nation will be taking place throughout the month of October to celebrate trees across the U.S.

Here in West Michigan, the Friends of Grand Rapids Parks are organizing different community efforts to educate the public on all things trees.

Steve Faber, Executive Director of Friends of Grand Rapids Parks said, “We have a new website called urban forest project.com where any one can add trees to our tree map.  There’s over 17,000 trees mapped in the city so far and if you put in the diameter of the tree and you put in the species of the tree into the tree map, it will automatically calculate the ecosystem benefit that that tree is giving.”

A benchmark of 40 percent canopy within the city has been set.  That means, 40 percent of the air space above our heads will be made up of trees.

Faber said, “And so, a lot of it is going to be up to homeowners and property owners to either plant trees or protect the trees that they have.  That’s another message that we really try and get out there.  Is, it’s not so much about going out and planting hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of trees.  We have to do that, too.  But, it’s really, how do we preserve and protect the trees that are already providing this great benefit for our community.”

There are several events that you can still attend.

You can participate in a tree mapping workshop in Creston on Tuesday of this week at 6:30 pm.

Thursday, plant trees along side Mayor Heartwellin Cheseboro Park at 9 am.  If you attend this event, you could also earn points with the My GR City Points program.

Finally, on Saturday, plant a few more trees at Riverside Park at 9 am.

You’ll find a full list of events here.

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