Tree Price Tags in Downtown GR

Tree tags are popping up around town. You might have seen these colorful and informative tags hanging from various trees throughout Grand Rapids. On one side, they communicate the ecosystem value contributed to Grand Rapids by that specific tree. On the reverse, they contain an artistic representation of a native tree, or Grand Rapids’ urban forest.

Why are people tagging trees? It’s a great way to communicate the importance of trees to our community. Too often we stroll down streets without consideration for the quiet giants which provide us clean-air, shade, and storm-water protection. Tagging trees with economic representations of their ecosystem value is one way to encourage discourse about the importance of those trees to our city’s environment; to encourage people to respect and protect them; to promote an expansion of Grand Rapids’ urban forest.

Want to begin some tree-tagging in your neighborhood? Or learn how to map trees? Check the calendar for mapping workshops, or contact Lee Mueller for more information (lee.mueller@friendsofgrparks.org or 616 389 4687).

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