Middleschooler Maps Midtown Green

Special thanks to tree map user Chloeboo (username) for helping map most of Midtown Green.  Chloeboo was able to earn volunteer credit for the project prior to entering City Middle School.  Chloeboo identified, measured, categorized, and mapped over 30 trees in the park.  Their effort earned them over 800 reputation points in the system.

Midtown Green mapping nearly complete

There are still a several trees to ID at Midtown Green, as well as adding data to help us get to  a %100 inventory of the park.  There were also 4 Ash trees that needed to be removed and recategorized as future planting sites.

If you would like to help us complete this inventory of Midtown Green trees, or add additional data/photos, please feel free.  The tree map allows you to edit or add trees.


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