Funding Available for Tree-Minded Projects

We all understand the value of trees. The trick is communicating that value and involving our neighbors; pushing for recognition of the importance and value of our urban forest. The best success is achieved when communities take charge and begin flying the flag of urban forest advocacy within their own communities.

Unfortunately, funding and finances are often a challenge to hosting large, spectacular, neighborhood-led events. Understanding this challenge, the Friends of Grand Rapids Parks is dedicated to helping you find resources and opportunities to complete urban forestry project in your communities.

Our funding allows us to distribute at least 10, $500 grants each year. This year, we are looking to award these this October as part of NeighorWoods Month, the national celebration of trees. These mini grants are designed to support projects which specifically highlight, interact with, or enhance, expand, and protect the City’s urban forest.

Projects may include: tree mapping workshops, tree celebrations, tree plantings, inventories, or citizen and youth education programs. These are reimbursement grants. In other words, payment will be made once receipts are forwarded to the Friends of Grand Rapids Parks. No match is required, but a larger match will make your project comparatively more attractive.

We are willing to help communities and organizations successfully plan and complete their project. Grants are accepted on an ongoing basis, but we’d like to receive applications by September 1st to make 10 awards for this October’s Neighborwoods month.

In addition to the “funds” available as part of our mini-grants program, you may also choose to receive trees. Neighborhoods can apply for anywhere between 5-20 trees to be planted on public property within their community. We expect you to recruit the volunteers, and help to plan the event. We will bring the trees, tools, and training. We can also help you organize and coordinate your volunteers to ensure the most successful tree planting experience.

Both of these grant opportunities can be applied for using our mini-grant form.

We will continue to keep you updated of future funding opportunities. We want to ensure Grand Rapids begins to utilize as much time and resources as possible towards achieving the 40% tree canopy goal. This means getting citizens like you involved in enhancing, expanding, and protecting our forest assets. We hope we can help you find creative ways to celebrate the urban forest in your neighborhood.

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