2010 DTE Energy Foundation Tree Planting Grants Awarded

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment and DTE Energy
Foundation today announced that 39 grants totaling $79,415 have been
awarded to communities in Michigan for local tree planting projects.

A list of approved grants is posted at online

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks was awarded $2,750 to begin a neighborhood run tree nursery at Garfield Park to grow replacement trees for the park.  Garfield has lost several significant trees in the last decade.

Planting trees is part of DTE Energy’s ongoing commitment to
environmental stewardship as well as its voluntary participation in the
U.S. Department of Energy’s Global Climate Challenge program.  Some
key benefits trees provide are carbon sequestration, and clean air and
water.  Through the process of photosynthesis, trees convert carbon
dioxide and water into sugar, oxygen and eventually wood.

Since 1995, DTE Energy, its foundation and the DNRE have partnered to
plant more than 20 million trees throughout Michigan.  This program is
designed to increase the number and diversity of healthy trees and
forests in Michigan communities served by DTE Energy and its
subsidiaries.  The USDA Forest Service recognizes and commends both DTE
Energy Foundation and the DNRE for their ongoing partnership and support
for tree planting programs in Michigan.

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