Statement regarding City Manager Greg Sundstrom

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks supports stable and more diversified funding for our parks and public spaces. We believe parks maintenance is an essential public service. We also believe there are many ways we as a community can improve our parks strategy and spending.

We have yet to see the details of Greg Sundstrom's tax hike proposal. We are scheduled to meet with the City Manager on February 9. The Friends' Board convenes for its standing monthly meeting in mid February. We also will meet with the community champions of Green Grand Rapids. We will update the organization's position on the issue after the benefit of these and other conversations.

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks is an independent, citizen led, nonprofit enterprise dedicated to mobilizing people and resources to protect, enhance and expand parks and public spaces.           
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Contact: Andy Guy, board president
(616) 308-6250

Steve Faber, executive director
(616) 821-8006

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